CICLO.IO are a collective of artists&makers set up in Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona. Using Arduino and JavaScript, we also give life to crazy interactive installations, and we love hackatons.

The Domestic Data Streamers are a collective of artists based in Barcelona. With a very artistic and poetic touch, they use big data to build engaging and thought-provoking installations.

On March 12th 2016, Domestic Data Streamers and stayed at MOB&PAU for the night and gave birth to what we now call “The wall”. This installation is a giant voting system. It questions the consideration of every individual in decision taking and the possibility of radical democracy, thanks to the access of all to the internet and the creation of big datas.

Every week, a new question is hanged up on the wall and asked to the MOB assembly. Through social media or physically pressing a button on the wall, everyone can vote and suggest the question of the next week. For a drastical transparency, the results of the previous weeks are also displayed.