The 2014 Composer’s Commission concert, was held June 22nd at the Graduate Center’s Segal Theater, the first time the Pronomos flute has been heard in New York.

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Licenciada Sotelo Cia.

Silencio por favor (Silence please)

This is a mutidisciplinary scenic proposal. It looks for the dialogue between the body, voice, music and interaction (sound, movement and image).
It explores the different ways and conceptions about noise and silence.

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* Audio analysis:
with Max/ MSP/Jitter we detect the frequency, duration and volume of each note that comes out from the trumpet, to pass this information using OSC (Open Sound Control) to Processing that draws the bubbles with the correct parameters (frequency/color, time/size , volume/transparency)

  • . Max/MSP object: Pitch~ by Tristan Jehan
  • . Processing: Fisica library by Ricard Marxer

* Motion Capture:
with Kinect's infrared vision and a reflecting point at the end of the trumpet's bell, we visualize and follow the whole scene to detect where the bubbles come out in real-time.

  • .Max/MSP Jitter object: CV.jit by Jean-Marc Pelletier
  • Bombolles/Bubbles test from Marta Verde on Vimeo.

    ** Mentioned on Kinect Hacks Network:

    Pirouette en Re Menor excerpts. Spectacle by Bàcum /arts escèniques i visuals. Directed by Jordi Purtí. Barcelona 2011/2012.

    Developed with Kinect, Synapse, Processing, Max MSP/Jitter & Qlab

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    Projecto [´Trepja] is a multidisciplinary scenic proposal, based in three pillars: image, dance and sound. Trepia links the fusion of galician traditional music with electronics, traditional dance and multimedia and interactive tools.

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