Who am I?

Hola! I´m Marta Verde, a creative coder based in Madrid.

My background is in Fine Arts, specialised in new media arts and digital technologies applied to the performance arts. FabAcademy program: expert in digital fabrication.

I develop visuals, interactive and generative graphics, dynamic/interactive content for lighting design, custom electronic devices and wearables, interactive installations for musicians, dance and theatre companies, artists, designers and arts institutions.

I also taught about technology and interactivity at IED Madrid,  Ephemereal Architecture Masters Degree at ETSAM Madrid, Medialab-Prado, La Casa Encendida ,Fundación Telefónica, BAU, UOC ,mentored Hackatons at Makers of Barcelona with Ciclo.io ….

Currently I´m Fab Academy instructor at Fab Lab IED Madrid.

  • Primavera Sound (Barcelona) May 2019. With BFlecha
  • Transdisciplina (Málaga) February 2019. With Carlos González
  • Suena Conde Duque (Madrid). February 2019. With BFlecha
  • MIRA Festival  (Barcelona) November 2018. With Christoph de Babalon
  • Algorave visuals at ICLC Madrid (International Live Coding Conference). January 2019
  • Luz y Vanguardias (Salamanca) June 2018. With Mounqup
  • ER…VA :: 4a TROBADA Telenoika Barcelona. December 2017 with Negronegro
  • Seminci (Valladolid). October 2017. With Negronegro
  • Sonic Arts Festival (Waterford, Ireland) September 2017. With Negronegro
  • Dual Club IV. Espacio Tangente (Burgos). January 2017. With Negronegro
  • WOS Festival (Santiago de Compostela). With Negronegro
  • Bons Sons (Cem Soldos, Portugal). With Charanga
  • Nos Em D´Bandanda (Porto, Portugal) With Charanga
  • L Burro i L Gueiteiro (Miranda do Douro, Portugal). With Charanga
  • Talent Madrid 2013 Final. Teatros del Canal. Madrid. 2015
  • Trendelemburg (Gijón). March 2013. With Bacùm Dans
  • T3chfest opening (Madrid) March 2019. With Jesús Jara
  • Lisbon. March 2019. With Charanga
  • Ballesta Club (Madrid). February 2019. With Daniel Van Lion
  • Summer Fun Lab. Sala Apolo (Barcelona). July 2018. With Ralp
  • Telenoika (Barcelona) December 2017. With Negronegro
  • CUNY Martin E.Segal Teather. NYC. June 2015. With Julián Elvira
  • Formas do Deseño Auditorio de Galicia Santiago de Compostela Febrero 2019
  • DRIFT Mac A Coruña Octubre 2018
  • Mappea Jaén. September 2017
  • Oscilighor. DGTL Festival Barcelona. August 2017. With Mónica Rikic
  • El País Retina. Disrupción creativa. Madrid. June 2019
  • Design Recitation. Fab Foundation. March 2019
  • Processing Community Day Lisboa. January 2019
  • Galicia Maker Faire (Santiago de Compostela) November 2018
  • Summer Fun Lab. Sala Apolo (Barcelona). July 2018
  • Atenea. 1st Congress of women in artistic technologies. Arts & Tech Panel. Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. June 2018
  • Metonimias. Universidad Carlos III (Madrid) April 2018
  • Proyecto impaciencia. Universidad de Sevilla. November 2017
  • Digital Fabrication cultural workshop. Vigo Museum of Contemporary Art. 10 May 2017
  • Google Women TechMakers Madrid. Google Campus. March 2017
  • Bilbao Maker Faire. Espacio Open. November 2016
  • Architecture Week. Processing Madrid group. COAM Madrid. October 2016
  • Ada Lovelace Day. Medialab-Prado. Madrid. October 2016
  • Galicia Maker Faire. Pazo de Congresos. Santiago de Compostela. October 2016
  • Google Women Techmakers Galicia. Círculo de Empresarios de Vigo. April 2016
  • WebVisions Barcelona. IED Barcelona. July 2016
  • FEED DAG 2015. A Coruña. November 2015
  • Compostela Mini Maker Faire. Área Central. Santiago de Compostela. October 2015
  • Madrid Mini Maker Faire. Medialab-Prado. April 2015
  • Technical Mentor. Interactivos?19. Medialab-Prado (Madrid) February 2019
  • BAU. January 2019. Master en Innovación Audiovisual y Entornos Interactivos. Fabricación Digital Media
  • Workshop Red Bull Basement. IED Innovation Lab. November 2018
  • Mentor. Visualizar 2018. Medialab-Prado (Madrid). September 2018
  • Summer Fun Lab. Sala Apolo (Barcelona). July 2018
  • Luz y Vanguardias (Salamanca) June 2018.
  • La Casa Encendida (Madrid) June 2018
  • NumaCircuit (Santa Cruz de Tenerife) May 2018
  • Sinsal Campus Crea (Pontevedra). June 2017
  • #edcd Introduction to digital art. Processing & Arduino. Medialab-Prado, April 2017 Drawing with words. Typography & Processing. Medialab-Prado, April 2016.
  • Live video mixing with Max/MSP Jitter. Curtocircuito. International Film Festival. Santiago de Compostela. October 2015.
  • Processing Workshop, Wearables Workshop. Fundación Telefónica Madrid. 2015
  • Unit V (60h). Interactivity: sensors and domotics. Parametric Design Course. controlMad. Madrid. November 2012.
  • Teacher. Creative Electronics & Processing Programming course at Junta de Andalucía Technical School. September 2013 – October 2013.

Keroxen (Tenerife) Diciembre 2018

  • A Revista TVG Marzo 2019
  • Zig Zag diario TVG Octubre 2018
  • Psst.one Interview November 2018
  • Visualists the documentary. Not premiered yet