• Who am I?

Hola! I’m Marta Verde

I am a visual artist, creative technologist and educator. My artistic practice explores the indeterminism nature in relationship with the organic and the electronic in the visual field towards the use of noise, repetition and digital processing of analogic signals in realtime.

My work materializes into multimedia and lighting installations; and into collaborations with musicians or dancers, applying different techniques like development of custom software and new devices using digital fabrication and/or electronics, as part of maker culture and DIY philosophy.

I’m currently Associate Professor at Berklee College of Music Valencia at Master of Music in Music Production, Technology and Innovation.

Selected Performances

  • Play-doc International Film Festival. Tui. With José Venditti (D’ Oro performance). May 2023
  • Lux: Festival de Artes Lumínicas de Málaga. La Térmica. With Odagled. April 2023
  • Huomantech Huesca. With José Venditti (Omen performance). March 2023
  • Performance for private event at Centro Botín Santander. November 2022
  • Azimut video capsule. With Yugen Kala. Performance. October 2022
  •  Hágase la Luz Santander. With José Venditti (Omen performance). October 2022          
  • Festival El Sol. Teatro Circo Price.  Madrid. Jun 2022. With José Venditti
  • Festival MMMAD Dome. Madrid. Jun 2022. With Yugen Kala & Juanma LoDo
  • Museo Reina Sofía. Algoritmos: Alrededor de Iannis Xenakis. Madrid. May 2022. With Magdalena Cerezo & Marina Hervás.
  • In-Sonora Festival. Madrid. Mar 2022. With José Ventitti
  • CCCC (Valencia) Festival Vociferio. Feb 2022. With Le Parody
  • Teatro Lope de Vega (Sevilla). Feb 2022. With Le Parody
  • Benidorm Fest. Jan 2022. With Tanxugueiras
  • Bits & Bots. Barcelona. Dec 2021. With José Venditti & Evan If (It’s just air vibrating)
  • Fanzine Festival. A Coruña. Dec 2021. With Promising/Youngster & Anthony Rother
  • Volumens Festival. Valencia. Nov 2021. With José Venditti
  • LUZE Festival. Ibiza. November 2021. With Valentín Huedo
  • Modular Day BCN. Hosted by Befaco. Barcelona. November 2021. With jjos, Schlappi & Chinowski
  • L.E.V. Festival 15th Anniversary. July 2021. With Fasenuova
  • Festival Plataforma. Santiago de Compostela. May 2021. With DJ Mil
  • Ull Nu. Andorra La Vella. May 2021. With José Venditti
  • Numa Circuit 2021. Santa Cruz de Tenerife. April 2021. With José Venditti
  • Numa Circuit 2020. Santa Cruz de Tenerife. November 2020. With Juanjo Jorganes
  • EnsoLAB. October 2020. Alicante. With José Venditti
  • LINK (Oviedo) September 2020. With Cruhda and Fasenuova
  • LEV Matadero (Madrid) October 2019. With Tensal
  • Curtocircuito International Film Festival (Santiago de Compostela) October 2019. With Javier Martín and Artur M. Puga
  • Primavera Sound (Barcelona) May 2019. With BFlecha
  • Transdisciplina (Málaga) February 2019. With Carlos González
  • Suena Conde Duque (Madrid). February 2019. With BFlecha
  • MIRA Festival  (Barcelona) November 2018. With Christoph de Babalon
  • Algorave visuals at ICLC Madrid (International Live Coding Conference). January 2019
  • Luz y Vanguardias (Salamanca) June 2018. With Mounqup
  • ER…VA :: 4a TROBADA Telenoika Barcelona. December 2017 with Negronegro
  • Seminci (Valladolid). October 2017. With Negronegro
  • Sonic Arts Festival (Waterford, Ireland) September 2017. With Negronegro
  • Dual Club IV. Espacio Tangente (Burgos). January 2017. With Negronegro
  • WOS Festival (Santiago de Compostela). With Negronegro
  • Bons Sons (Cem Soldos, Portugal). With Charanga
  • Nos Em D´Bandanda (Porto, Portugal) With Charanga
  • L Burro i L Gueiteiro (Miranda do Douro, Portugal). With Charanga
  • Talent Madrid 2013 Final. Teatros del Canal. Madrid. 2015
  • Trendelemburg (Gijón). March 2013. With Bacùm Dans

Other Performances

  • T3chfest opening (Madrid) March 2019. With Jesús Jara
  • Lisbon. March 2019. With Charanga
  • Ballesta Club (Madrid). February 2019. With Daniel Van Lion
  • Summer Fun Lab. Sala Apolo (Barcelona). July 2018. With Ralp
  • Telenoika (Barcelona) December 2017. With Negronegro
  • CUNY. Martin E.Segal Teather. NYC. June 2015. With Julián Elvira


  • Eufònic Festival. Agust 2020
  • Galicia XXI. O design como motor. Porto Design Biennale. Porto – Portugal.
  • Formas do Deseño. Auditorio de Galicia Santiago de Compostela. February 2019
  • DRIFT. Mac A Coruña. October 2018
  • Mappea Jaén. September 2017
  • Oscilighor. DGTL Festival Barcelona. August 2017. With Mónica Rikic


  • IES Audiovisual Vigo. March 2023
  • ghub Pontevedra. Workshop & talk. February 2023
  • NFT Show Europe. Panel Discussion about generative art. Valencia September 2022 
  • Jornada Música creada con Inteligencia Artificial. Sede Social Abanca, A Coruña. Performance & panel discussion. January 2023
  • Dec 2022 Fanzine Festival A Coruña. Panel discussion  
  • +code Festival. Argentina (Online). May 2021
  • Jornadas Sociología. Conservatorio Superior de Música de Valencia. May 2021
  • Berlin Design Week 2021. May 2021
  • Master Universitario en Artes Visuales y Multimedia. Universitat Politécnica de Valencia. March 2021
  • El País Retina. Disrupción creativa. Madrid. June 2019
  • Design Recitation. Fab Foundation. March 2019
  • Processing Community Day Lisboa. January 2019
  • Galicia Maker Faire (Santiago de Compostela) November 2018
  • Summer Fun Lab. Sala Apolo (Barcelona). July 2018
  • Atenea. 1st Congress of women in artistic technologies. Arts & Tech Panel. Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. June 2018
  • Metonimias. Universidad Carlos III (Madrid) April 2018
  • Proyecto impaciencia. Universidad de Sevilla. November 2017
  • Digital Fabrication cultural workshop. Vigo Museum of Contemporary Art. 10 May 2017
  • Google Women TechMakers Madrid. Google Campus. March 2017
  • Bilbao Maker Faire. Espacio Open. November 2016
  • Architecture Week. Processing Madrid group. COAM Madrid. October 2016
  • Ada Lovelace Day. Medialab-Prado. Madrid. October 2016
  • Galicia Maker Faire. Pazo de Congresos. Santiago de Compostela. October 2016
  • Google Women Techmakers Galicia. Círculo de Empresarios de Vigo. April 2016
  • WebVisions Barcelona. IED Barcelona. July 2016
  • FEED DAG 2015. A Coruña. November 2015
  • Compostela Mini Maker Faire. Área Central. Santiago de Compostela. October 2015
  • Madrid Mini Maker Faire. Medialab-Prado. April 2015

Workshops Given

  • Mentor. Emergence Hackaron Açores. São Miguel, Portugal. Sept. 2021
  • Glitch Art Workshop. Master LAV. Madrid, Spain. 2020
  • Mentor. Emergence Hackaton. University of Porto. O Porto, Portugal. September 2019.
  • Technical Mentor. Interactivos?19. Medialab-Prado (Madrid) February 2019
  • BAU. January 2019. Master en Innovación Audiovisual y Entornos Interactivos. Fabricación Digital Media
  • Workshop Red Bull Basement. IED Innovation Lab. November 2018
  • Mentor. Visualizar 2018. Medialab-Prado (Madrid). September 2018
  • Summer Fun Lab. Sala Apolo (Barcelona). July 2018
  • Luz y Vanguardias (Salamanca) June 2018.
  • La Casa Encendida (Madrid) June 2018
  • NumaCircuit (Santa Cruz de Tenerife) May 2018
  • Sinsal Campus Crea (Pontevedra). University of Vigo. June 2017
  • #edcd Introduction to digital art. Processing & Arduino. Medialab-Prado, April 2017 Drawing with words. Typography & Processing. Medialab-Prado, April 2016.
  • Processing Workshop, Wearables Workshop. Fundación Telefónica Madrid. 2015
  • Unit V (60h). Interactivity: sensors and domotics. Parametric Design Course. controlMad. Madrid. November 2012.
  • Teacher. Creative Electronics & Processing Programming course at Junta de Andalucía Technical School. September 2013 – October 2013.


PIFCamp. Slovenia. Aug 2021

Digital Naturalism Labs. Dinalab. Gamboa, Panamá. Aug 2019

Keroxen Festival. Espacio Cultural El Tanque . Sta Cruz de Tenerife.Spain . Nov 2018


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