2019. Marta Verde & José Venditti

Tarot´s Arcane II card represents the Supreme Priestess; The Papesse.

The Priestess is associated with cosmos, as the couple of two twin universes, suppported by one side in a white column (the tangible universe) and by the other in a black one (the intangible universe) .

Arcano II is also the second live AV project developed by José Venditti, sound artist and composer; and Marta Verde, digital artist and creative coder.


José and Marta work with the limits of melody and noise, harmony and tension, looping and randomness; exercising the balance between composition and free improvisation.

In their live set, they bring a set formed by audio & video analog synthesizers, light, saxophone, percussion devices and digital processes.

Arcano II was premiered in 2019 as second AV project after “El Caballo del Sueño” (2016-2017), performed in festivals and venues like Sonic Dreams Festival (Ireland), La Pascasia (Medellín, Colombia), Heritage Space (Hanoi), The Cave (Taiwan), WOS Festival (Santiago de Compostela), SEMINCI (Valladolid), Medialab Prado (Madrid), Dual Club(Burgos), Telenoika (Barcelona), Intramurs (Valencia)…