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AZIMUT w/ Yugen Kala

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AZIMUT focuses on the passage of time in different Galician spaces of patrimonial value, witnesses of history, and which for different avatars are currently in disuse or in a state of abandonment.

AZIMUT fuses that past with the present and the avant-garde: Galician artists from different disciplines intervene in the spaces, in an ephemeral artistic exercise.

The project functions as a cultural showcase, showing a more plural and diverse Galicia: traditional and at the same time modern, combining heritage and territory, with expression and the arts of Galician production.

AZIMUT takes its shape with the creation of digital capsules, filmed in the selected locations while the interventions take place. A combination of live show and performance. A visual poem that remains forever.


A production by: @doppler_gestion_cultural

Creative Direction: Angel Corral @elnhote

Executive Producer: Adrián Fragueiro @adrianfragueiro
Production Assistant: Anita Río

Camera operators: Gael Carballo @gaelcarballoseara & Mario Fernández @laabuelabulgara
Art Direction: Angel Corral @elnhote
Edition: Gael Carballo @gaelcarballoseara
Color: Lluis Velamazán

Sound: Santiago Salvador Rodríguez @et_santiago
Mixing and Mastering: Sebastián Mato (Artic Estudios)

Photography: Pablo Araújo @paulografo

Communication: Rebeca Babarro @reberb
Sound Design (promo cuts): Jonathan Míguez @john_axiom

An idea by: Adrián Fragueiro @adrianfragueiro and Angel Corral @elnhote