• Client

    Lighting Design Collective

  • Services

    Programming, Digital Fabrication, Prototyping

CoreSee is an interactive installation which will serve as a “provocative prototype” to raise discussion about “non-placemaking”, a concept introduced by the designer to explore the potentials of lighting design in promoting the quality of a neglected category of space, called “non-place”.

Living in cities, we seem destined to spend an increasing percentage of our time in “non-places” (for example waiting in places of transit) which lack originality, meaning and personal relevance. That said, the fact that necessary activities take place there, make it a potential context for design to enhance sociability, simply because people are there.

This kinetic installation creates morphic light and shadow patterns activated by the users’ presence. CoreSee also works as a charging station for mobile gadgets, as an “excuse” to examine triggering social interaction among the users of non-places.

The research, headed by Mahdis Aliasgari, is being carried out in collaboration with Lighting Design Collective Spain and Xicato USA. Mahdis was one of the finalists in The Challenge.

* CoreSee is inspired by Korsi, a traditional piece of furniture in Iranian culture consisting of a low table with a heater underneath it and blanket/carpet thrown over it. During meals or special events such as Yalda (longest night of the year) family members used to sit on the floor around it.


CoreSee – A “non-placemaking” provotype – Long version from estrellasonora – Tom Skipp on Vimeo.

Research and design: Mahdis Aliasgari

Research supervision: Tapio Rosenius

Creative Coding: Marta Verde

Technical supervision: Ricardo Merino

Xicato Team: Roger Sexton, John Yriberri, Patrick Van der Muelen

Video: Tom Skipp