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D’Oro w/ José Venditti

Throughout history, the color gold has symbolized abundance, wealth, and power, with gold being one of the most precious metals and coined into currency as a «standard of value.»

However, the fascination with the golden shine has transcended its symbolic relationship with power and wealth.

The «wise gold» represented a spectrum of colors that elevated spirits to higher states of consciousness, while alchemists believed that gold was the most perfect metal and contained a unique «vital essence.»

For them, the process of transforming metals was a reflection of the alchemist’s internal transformation, and the transformation of lead into gold was a metaphor for the transformation of the human soul from darkness to light.

Gold also represented the halos that saints wore on their heads, it was the color of the apple of discord that Eris carried, the sun orbs that some Egyptian gods like Ra wore, or the skin of Chaitania in India.

D’Oro is a performance by José Venditti and Marta Verde that explores the mystical experience of the golden spectrum through light, image, and sound.

The work is presented in the church of Santo Domingo as part of the PlayDOC festival, in front of a golden altarpiece, in different 15-minute passes.

The artists created an audiovisual proposal that explores the nuances of the gold spectrum, proposing to transform the sacred space into a hypnotic stage and place of trance.

In D’Oro, the public is invited to explore the fascination with gold beyond its symbolic relationship with power and money.