Ganjlik Bridges – Lighting Design Collective & Unstatic

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    Unstatic Technologies

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    Software development

Lighting Design Collective was commissioned to design an interior light piece to fit in the ceiling of the pedestrian bridges and create a landmark feature for the mall. The concept was creating an interactive feature that reacts to the people passing through the pedestrian bridges. Lluria, a Spanish lighting manufacturer, created a parametric design based on LDC specifications for the ceiling feature.

I collaborated with UNSTATIC to develop a custom interactive content engine, that uses infrared cameras and computer vision techniques to track the movement of people below the feature. Over 20 types of parametric lighting content that reacts to people movement were created for this project. The scheduling system syncs the content engines to display different contents on each bridge, and different types of content run each day of the week, adapting color and brightness for daylight and nights.

Developed with openFrameworks.



Digital Content Software: UNSTATIC Technologies
Concept & Lighting Design: Lighting Design Collective (
Location: Baku, Azerbaijan
Architects: Chapman Taylor
Client: Pasha Construction
Main Lighting Supplier: Lluria