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Pirouette en Re Menor

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    Bacum Producions

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    Software development, live technician

Pirouette en Re Menor excerpts. Spectacle by Bàcum /arts escèniques i visuals. Directed by Jordi Purtí. Barcelona 2011/2012.

Developed with Kinect, Synapse, Processing, Max MSP/Jitter & Qlab

Performed at Trendelenburg 2013, Talent Madrid, Teatre el Jardí de Figueres, VAD Festival, Nau Ivanow…

From dancelive music and multimedia interaction, we created an unreal space where telling an everyday story, close to the public, who enjoys, suffers and catches the audience.
A tender and intense proposal, of beautiful aesthetics and careful staging; a visual poem created to, both for experts as for public not accustomed with the dance, can appreciate and enjoy the language of the movement.
We worked with technology and multimedia interaction, generating graphs and modulating the sound from the movement of the dancer, always prioritizing the scene and movement, making invisible all the technology.


Authors: Companyia Múcab Dans
Dramaturgy & stage direction: Jordi Purtí
Coreography/dancer: Irina Martínez
Production/music: Joan Laporta
Musical composition: Marc Bahamonde
Scenery design & construction: Santi Cabús
Interaction design: Marta Verde, Jordi Salvadó & Joan Laporta
Audio design: Jordi Salvadó
Lighting design: Aleix Ramisa i Bernat Jansà
Clothing design: Pau Fernandez
Clothing manufacture: Asun Nadal