Sen-tence w/ Mónica Rikić

  • Client

    Mobile Week A Coruña

Developed with Mónica Rikić

Generative visual piece made completely with code that deals with the human representation in the network and the cifermeninismo. Through words extracted in a random and prodecimental way from the text “Bitch mutant manifesto”, written in 1996 by the feminist collective VNS Matrix, it aims to represent the transfiguration that our bodies suffer in the virtual world.

Likewise, the references to sexuality, desire and pleasure through technology, tell us about the fetish and attraction to technology and the technological object – #gearporn – in which Western cultures are immersed.

The spectator who stands in front of the work, like a mirror, and is represented and identified in the words that appear and disfigure on an ethereal background, reducing its existence to lines, alternating black and white pixels, without the spectacularity of the fictionalized image of the visual excess of life in which we usually represent ourselves.