Sonar Innovation Challenge w/ Red Bull Amaphiko

The Sónar Innovation Challenge (SIC), co-organized by the MTG, is an online & onsite platform for the creative minds that want to be one step ahead and experiment with the future of technology. It brings together innovative tech companies and creators, collaborating to solve challenges that will lead to disruptive prototypes showcased in Sónar+D.

I was enrolled on the Red Bull Amaphiko team. The Red Bull Amampiko challenge was to bring music closer to the hearing impaired. We focused on creating an experience, translating the sounds to visual and tactile vibrations. Working with various types of motors we mapped out the low and high tones on the 120 chords that composed the box, the moirée effect was completed with the rear-projected screen that displayed computer generated graphics that responded in color and movement to the sounds played. It behaved like a speaker, plugging in a device to the mini-jack would create a personalized experience of any music or sound.

The great team was: