Kallpa for Wayra – do/the/right/click™

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    Software development, product design, electronic design

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Wayra is the Telefonica’s startup accelerator. This project is an homage to entrepreneurs.

Kallpa, which means «strength» in Quechua, is a wind speed and direction measuring device (Wayra means ‘wind’ in the same language). This device, installed on top of Telefónica’s building located on Madrid’s historic Gran Vía, collects wind data in real-time that is converted into the movement and sound of interactive visuals that you can see on The unit of Km/h collected is translated into the speed of the particles that move on the screen, while their direction is obtained by a weather vane and eight magnetic sensors that represent the cardinal points of the compass.

Kallpa has largely been built using 3D printing technology. An open source microcontroller (Arduino), sensors and a GSM extension, co-developed by Telefónica R&D and Arduino to facilitate an internet connection using GPRS, are contained inside it.

Creative Direction – David Mirete
Arduino + IoT Developer – Marta Verde
Web Developers – Javier Fernández Montes and Mariano Paredes
Industrial Design – Pelayo Bernardo and David González from
Graphic+Interaction Design – David Mirete and Ignacio Martínez

Special Thks:
Javier Cano, Rafael Tarrías, Guillermo Calvo, Virginia Fuentes, Guillermo Arriaza, Rui Aires, Miguel Caamaño, Nora Miralles, Ultra-lab and Mimetrica
Video Music – Blackbird Blackbird by Avalanche (Star Slinger Remix)


The project was awarded with a LAUS Bronze 2015
And also selected with an honoree mention at the Webby Awards 2015